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Besides Azalea Indica we also produce rhododendrons and Hydrangea. Furthermore, we offer a very wide assortment of flowering and green pot plants, both indoors and outdoors. Peerts Horticulture is able to supply any pot plant, anywhere in the world.

Kurt Peerts – CEO

Azalea Indica or rhododendron simsii

At first glance, an Azalea is a small shrub with large, striking flowers. Due to the rich flowering and the wide variety of shapes – from small mini Azaleas to large shrubs and from stems to eccentric shapes – the plant offers a lot of variation and decoration in the house and garden.

The history of the Azalea begins at the end of the 18th century when the Azalea came from Japan and China to our regions. Through research and decades of breeding, the growers were able to improve the Azalea and greatly expand its supply. As a result, the Azaleas have beautiful, double flowers that bloom for up to six weeks and there are about 150 varieties.

Peerts Horticulture can offer any pot size from August to May.

Azalea Hoogstam plant, azalea kwekerij

Hydrangea Macrophylla

Hydrangea Macrophyllas are undoubtedly among the most popular shrubs, especially the bulb hydrangeas with their beautiful, almost excessive, floral splendor are indispensable in many gardens.

Peerts Horticulture specializes in young plants (half-washed plants) which, after their cooling period in forcing, can be offered flowering after a period of 10 weeks. Available from the end of December to May.

Hydrangea plant, azalea kwekerij


Rhodondrons steal the show in every garden with their exuberant flowering. There are more than 100 different varieties and crosses of this beautiful shrub.

Peerts Horticulture produces Rhododendron in pots of 15, 17 and 23. Offers from October to May.

Rhododendron plant, azalea kwekerij

Photinia fraseri ‘Red Robin’

Photinia fraseri ‘Red robin’, is a medium-sized evergreen shrub with a compact upright form, glossy, elliptical to obovate leaves, which turn red and bleeding, and later to dark green to. Photinia likes to have a place in the shade or in the sun, slightly sheltered from the cold winds in the winter and not too much lime in the soil. It is pretty good, frost hardy, wind tolerant, and is also pollution resistant. He lures in the spring, many of the honey bees and bumble bees and is a host plant for some butterfly species.

Peerts Horticulture offers this beautiful shrub, in any pot size, all year round.

Rhododendron plant, azalea kwekerij

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